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The purpose of the Guemes Island Historical Society is to collect, catalogue, store display and preserve the oral histories, papers, photographs, artifacts and any other materials that document the history of the Island.

To date the Society has developed a data base and has catalogued numerous articles and photographs, clippings, maps, posters of both early history and current events that will, in time, be part of that history. It is documenting Island sites, and artifacts for reference when storage space is available.

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Historical Photograph of the Month

The Almar was built on Puget Island in the Columbia River. It was built for Elmer Danielson to replace the Tourist I in 1947. Elmer Danielson also owned Puget Island Telephone company, and he used money from the phone company to help run the ferry. It has hauled cattle standing on the deck from Clifton, Oregon to Tenasillahe Island in the Columbia River. It has also been used to pull up underwater telephone cable for repair.The Almar came to Guemes Island in 1960 to replace the Guemes I ferry.

Note that the vehicles (including the school bus) are facing backwards.That is because the Almar was not double-ended and had to turn around and back into the dock at the Anacortes side. It was a 12-car ferry that served the run from 1960 to 1979. Due to the posts supporting the passenger cabin and pilothouse, it could not carry large trucks, including cement trucks.

It is still afloat in Alaska.

Please contact the Historical Society, if you have any additional information about the photograph.

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