G.I.H.S. - July minutes


July 10, 2017


Present: Tom Deach (pres), Janice Veal (treas), Carol Deach, Win Anderson, Nancy & Al Bush, Emily Bush, Max Benjamin, Barb & Mark Ohms, Joanne & Michael Gray, Holiday Matchett, Carol & Kit Harma, Adam Veal, Ian Woofenden, Fred & Sue Sievers, Phyllis Woolworth, Don & Anne Passarelli, Karen Bain, Kelsey Britz, Rob & Emma Schroder, Chris Demarjian, Sue O’Donnell (sec) and more


PROGRAM:  Win Anderson presented the large gathering of interested Guemes folks with memories from a century ago!  1917 was a busy year for the island.


Referring to the “News of Guemes” column in the Anacortes American newspaper, he outlined the various ways people and materials got to Guemes in the early days and listed the evolution of transport from scow barges to ferry boats.

The columns listed important events (WWI building of wooden ships at the Sloan Shipyard) as well as the mundane (Mr. So-and-So went to buy groceries in Anacortes).  Win also showed copies of advertisements in the newspaper.


During that one year, the many family and place names mentioned remain evident today.  Statistical records: 1 birth; 1 marriage; 1 death.


J. A. Sloan was awarded the contract to build wooden (lumber shipped to Guemes on scow barges) ships for US navy, WWI; Blackinton property taken for shipyard; Idlewild Park cottages moved off property; hundreds of workers either lived on Guemes or rowed the channel or rode ferry each day to assemble the shipyard; only 2 ships were built and launched from the shipyard.  Both ended up in Lake Washington, never having been fitted with engines – the war (1914-1918) ended before these ships were needed; Harry Rickaby builds ferry; Lowmans owned North Coast Cannery; Mangan store torn down; property boom; North Anacortes platted; Guemes had 2 basketball teams; shipyard shut down and locals salvaged timbers, lumber & equipment; Jack Kidd sold some of his property for a church to be built and MUCH MORE!


Perhaps Win will eventually post his notes from his huge endeavor to comb through the 100-year-old newspapers.  A most fascinating journey that he shared with us all!


New Business: Bill Burlingame, past member of the Historical Society, sent a donation and letter requesting he be on the email list for Society news.


Treasurers Report :  July & August reports will be combined


We now have a back-up memory device for the society computer.


Next meeting: August 14, 7pm; Guemes Community Church; program topic is History of Holiday Hideaway by Carol Harma.

Thanks to Carol for the sign she posted it at the ferry dock advertising this month’s program.


Tom has posted the summer’s programs on Linetime.org and myguemes.org:


          Sept. – Robin Mittelstaedt – “Down the Hatch”

          Oct. – “Linda Porter” by cousin Carol Deach


Coming Events:


DOG SHOW – August 19; Nancy will head up food committee (bbq will be in shade); Tom has secured necessary permits; we are required to have a second sani-can this year; venue, tables & chairs are reserved; we need to start collecting silent auction items; show will be shorter this year with no intermission; set-up will start at 7am (“all hands on deck!!!”)


HARVEST MOON CRUISE – September 23, 5:45 pm. to raise funds toward a future museum space with room for our archives and historical treasures.  Cruise is sold out but there is a wait list in case of cancellations.


Possible programs for future:

Fund-raiser: put on the play “Waiting in Line”!

Cemetery tour by Adam Veal

North Beach walk

Children of Madge Welch

The LaVeque/Gould families

West  Beach settlements



Sue Stapp O’Donnell, secretary             

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