Guemes Island Historical Society:

GIHS - Minutes, November 2018


November 12, 2018


Present: Tom Deach (pres), Janice Veal (treas), Carol Deach,  Dave & Shirley Margeson, Al & Nancy Bush, Bob Anderson, Sally Stapp,  Sue O’Donnell (sec) 


Treasurers Report - (attached) 

Current bank balance is $37,231.59 (which includes $47.70 income from recycled cans).



The Annual Dog Show (D.I.D.D.O.S.D.S.) has been identified with this domain name: DIDDOSDS on Linetime.  Joseph Miller has released the domain name and Tom paid $13 to claim it for the Historical Society.


History closet – we continue to collect “artifacts-all-Guemes”.  Storage space seems to be diminishing!  This is an ongoing discussion . . .


Recent Storage Opportunities:  Win heard of a 24’ storage container for sale.  Tom called about it but it had already been sold.  We are hoping to have one soon to store our growing collection of historic artifacts.


Coming Events:

Holiday Bazaar will be at Community Center and Guemes Island Church on Saturday, November 24 from 9am to 2pm.  Shirley will be cashier; SueO will be “soup runner”; Lorraine Francis and crew will provide the soup, bread and desserts!


Respectfully submitted,

Sue O’Donnell (secretary)   11/12/2018