GIHS minutes - May 13, 2019

Guemes Island Historical Society

May 13, 2019


Present: Tom Deach (pres), Janice Veal (treas), Julie Pingree, Dave & Shirley Margeson, Bob Anderson, Jacquie Prescott, Al and Nancy Bush, Tom Stapp, Ian Woofenden, Barb Ohms, Jerry Ross, Carol Steffy, Sue O’Donnell (sec)

Show & Tell:  Tom brought a photograph taken by Kit Marcinko of Alton “Bud” Hansen’s “wanigan”, a floating home/shop where Bud lived, anchored on South Beach, east of the ferry dock from the late 60s.  Until 1983 when a strong winter storm floated it off the beach and then dashed it to pieces against the shore.  Bud died in 1985.

The November 2003 Evening Star ran a picture from Win’s collection of “anecdotes, pictures and artifacts” including tools and artwork of Bud’s life on Guemes.  In June of 2012 the Guemes Historical Society chaired a discussion of Bud’s life.

Program:  Tom attended the April 6 memorial service for Bill Mitchell and video recorded the speakers, the art work and the photos of Bill’s life.  Tom played the video or the Historical Society.  Barb Ohms designed a very clever sign with Bill as “Superman”.  She imagined Bill as being free of his wheelchair and the limitations following the car crash in 1971 when he became disabled and had to teach himself to draw again.  This determination resulted in his Anacortes Mural Project, a series of some 160 depictions of life and history in Anacortes, designed, painted and mounted by Bill and his army of fellow artists.

The memorial service was opened and closed by Pastor Doug Fakkema with tributes by Anacortes Mayor Laurie Gere, Anacortes Museum Director Bret Lunsford who played some voice recordings of Bill’s sayings and philosophy, friend Jacques Moioret, brother Mark Mitchell and Pastor Ron Sorenson.


Old Business: 

Treasurer’s Report (attached) Janice reports current balance of $38,235.34

Tom has been reimbursed for the storage container cost of $3629.

More discussion about investing in CDs.  Bob moved to buy 3, 24 month CDs @ $5000 each; from Banner Bank at 3.05% interest.  Also to continue looking for other CD possibilities to stagger maturation dates, hoping for better rates of return.  Defer the discussion of the base amount for now and keep checking for future meetings.  Passed.

Storage of Artifacts – the new storage unit has been delivered to the property of Tom Deach, Society president.  $100 was donated to the society by Ross Black, owner of SimpleBox.  

Tom has installed a desk, cabinets and spot for a computer and monitor in the existing building on the property.  Tom has donated the $45 cost of 3 fire safes for purpose of securing documents.  We will have a work party at the site on Wednesday May 29, 7pm.

We will ask the Anacortes Museum director, Bret Lunsford, what they do about insuring artifacts.  State Farm will insure us (new container, new office on Deach property and contents of history closet at Guemes Island Community Church) for $10,000 for ~$440/year.

Preservation of Artifacts - We need to learn more about this!

New Business:

Carl Cady, past member of the society, has told Tom he will share the records he has kept since the beginning of the Guemes Island Historical Society.  Bob A will find all of his past minutes (7 years as secretary) so we can organize them into a form.  Sue has made notebooks of minutes and reports for the years 2016-2018.

Carol Harma of the GI Community Church Women’s Fellowship is donating the scrapbooks of the years of quilt-making.  The Historical society gratefully accepts this donation.  Carol, a founding member of the Historical Society, and husband Kit are moving from the island.

Elections – Bob moved to elect the following slate of GIHS officers: President -Tom Deach, Vice President – Bob Anderson, Treasurer – Janice Veal, Secretary – Sue O’Donnell; Seconded by Nancy. Passed.

Cruise 2019 – discussion of where to toot-along to next.  We have ridden the Mystic Sea around Guemes (September 2017) and around Cypress (September 2018).  Well received and well attended events!   Janice has been asking around for ideas for an event in 2019 now that the Mystic Sea is no longer available for our use. 

Island Adventures does 2 cruises per day; Janice will approach them about our fund-raising needs.

Father’s Day Ice Cream Social – GIHS will mount a display of “Weeds on Guemes”

DOG SHOW – August 24

Next Meeting – 7pm, Community Center for Bill Burlingame book signing (no business meeting)

Recent Guemes Losses:

George Rolfe (1937-2019)


Respectfully submitted,

Sue O’Donnell (secretary) 5/13/2019