GIHS minutes - January 13, 2020

Guemes Island Historical Society

January 13, 2020


Present:  Tom Deach, Bob Anderson, Sue O’Donnell


 . . . a cold and snowy evening, the 3 of us met in Guemes church social hall for a brief meeting.


Burke Museum tour:  Sue agreed to write the Burke contact persons about the GIHS tour of the museum on Wednesday, April 29, 10:30am (message below).  We need to know how many of us can be accommodated.  We need to know if we should take separate cars or perhaps rent a van for the trip to Seattle and back.  For a 10:30am appointment, we may have to leave Guemes quite early. 


Bob volunteered to research renting a van.  Sue wrote to the Burke to find out how many of us can be accommodated for the private tour.  We may get a group rate on admission.  Bob will also contact folks he knows at the University Congregational Church to see if we could use their parking lot.  Perhaps, also enjoy a meal at the church before heading back north.


Tom would like to schedule a work party at the site of our large storage facility on Edens Road, hopefully in February.  He will soon have more information on the possibility of an actual museum space! 


No treasurer’s report.


Ian Woffenden has volunteered the materials and expertise to build storage shelves at our site.  Tom would like to move all of the items out of the church closet and onto our new site.  We may need more than one work party!!!


Program for March will be Barbara Spaeth, remembering the Cahail family of the Hollow and of North Beach.


Bob will contact the family of Madge Welch for a possible program on the Welch Excavation business.


Sue O’Donnell, secretary